Dr. Ardavanis holds a Bachelor and Master in Electrical Engineering from Villanova University, a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and a PhD in Environmental Engineering from the Technical University in Sofia. Also, Dr. Ardavanis attended post-graduate studies at Columbia University.

Dr. Ardavanis is an international award-winning engineer and consultant specializing in railway systems engineering and integration, environmental engineering, RAMS modeling, and engineering project management. In addition, he has extensive working experience with private and government contracts; broad understanding and application of statistics and risk assessment tools; manufacturing experience; direct experience with internal and external audits and corrective action follow up; strong analytical, verbal, written and interpersonal skills. He has worked around the world as an expat engineer for the last 28 years.

Dr. Ardavanis is full member of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA). He is registered Professional Electrical Engineer (Reg. No. 52517/2007) of the Greek Chamber of Engineers. He is registered Professional Economist (Reg. No. 0071925) of the Greek Chamber of Economists.

Dr. Ardavanis is the recipient of numerous professional awards, and a Greek pioneer in extreme adventures around the world. Dr. Ardavanis is the author of numerous papers and books.

Railway engineering

Dr. Ardavanis worked as railway engineer in USA, Canada, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, UK, and Trinidad and Tobago.
His key experience is focused on the following:

Electrification of modern high speed railway schemes, traction power simulation modelling and analysis, traction power facilities design, traction power SCADA, overhead catenary design and sizing. Extensive experience with regards to issues related to connectivity, interface and integration with public utilities and various stakeholders including but not limited to grounding and bonding, EMC/EMI prevention techniques, etc. Extensive experience with the operation and maintenance of electrification systems and the maintenance and storage of EMU rolling stock.

Systems engineering experience with complex electrification projects. Experience in Integration of engineering multidiscipline projects by preparing hardware and software requirements and specifications Experience in performing hardware/software system integration testing, and writing system verification procedures. Experience in managing and organizing system engineering development information for assigned projects. Experience with auditing quality and safety

System Assurance experience in RAMS analysis and planning per EN 50121. Experience in Assurance audits and detailed assessment. Experience in Operational Safety analysis and incident planning and investigation. System safety engineering and safety certification experience MIL-STD-882 (ANSI/GEIA-STD-0010)

Quality Engineering
Experience with regards to lead and provide oversight for the quality and release of assigned products, including working cross-functionally with internal and external groups to ensure product and processes are compliant with applicable standards, regulations and customer expectations. Also, support or lead continuous improvement projects to support enhanced product quality and Quality Systems.

Railway signaling experience with block systems, signaling control, train detection, and train protection. Interlocking and ATC system design. Train Traffic Simulation Industrial Electric and Control System design. Experience with the EU and the USA signaling regulations and standards per AAR, AREMA, FRA, IRSE, UIC, ERTMS

Experience with EU, US and Canadian regulations and standards per AAR, AREMA, CEMA, CSA, EEMAC, EN, HSE, ISO, FRA, IBC, IEC, IEEE, IRSE, MIL Standards, NEMA, OESC, UIC, USDOD

Project management with experience in developing and managing multi-discipline railway projects including but not limited in the design, construction, installation, commissioning, maintenance and operation of electrified and non-electrified railway commuter lines.

Preparation of the technical and management provisions of contract, requests for proposals and evaluation of bids.

Environmental engineering

Dr. Ardavanis has involved extensively in the preparation and implementation of various electrification projects that require environmental clearance. His key experience is focusing on the preparation and implementation of environmental impact assessment studies detailing the main concerns of a rapid rail project, through planning and design, construction and operation phases. Additionally, he has the ability to demonstrate that environmental considerations are been integrated from the outset into the rapid rail’s planning process.

Online consulting

Dr. Ardavanis provides on line consulting, as well as the preparation of conceptual, preliminary and detailed design technical and management reports per contract deliverables requirements by keeping the budget of the project as low as possible. Also, he can perform on line technical reviews on contract deliverables, and evaluations on capital and O&M costs.

Electrification Performance Specifications
Traction Power
Traction Power Facilities
Traction Power Simulation Models
Traction Power SCADA
Connection Assessment Feasibility Study and System Impact Assessment Study to meet the reporting requirements of the grid of the electric company
Overhead Catenary System(OCS)
Electric Multiple Units(EMUs)
Grounding and Bonding
Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC)/Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
EMC Plan
EMC Report
EMC Control Plan
Immunization Report
EMI Inventory Procedure
Electromagnetic fields assessment report
Fare Collection System
Train Control System
Communication Subsystem
Systems Assurance
RAMS Analyses and Specification
Rapid Rail Transit System Safety
Interface Management
Testing Performance Simulation
Testing and Commissioning
Reliability Acceptance Test
Operations, Maintenance and Storage Facility (OMSF)

Systems Assurance / RAMS Analysis
Rapid Rail System Assurance Plan
Systems Assurance in Railways through the project cycle
RAMS of the OCS System
Interface Management Plan
Internal Interfaces
External Interfaces
Technical Interfaces
Quality Management
Quality Manual
Quality Plan
Procedures, Guidelines and Work Instructions
Standard Forms
Safety Management Plan
Safety Certification Plan
Operations Safety Criteria
Health & Safety Plan
Preliminary Hazards List Report
Risk Management Plan & Risk Register
Energy Management Plan
Operation Impacts Report
Phasing and Implementation Strategy Report
Electrification and Freight Operational Issues
Capital Cost Estimate
O&M Cost Estimate
Environmental Management Plan
Project Work Plan
Communications Stakeholder Plan

Appearances & Conferences

Upcoming Appearances

Past Appearances
1st DFCC Systems Engineering Workshop, Indian Railways, New Delhi, India, March 7th, 2016 - Presented a workshop titled: "Railway Systems Engineering and Integration" with concentration on Architecture, System Specification, Requirement Development, System Operating Modes and Principles, Systems Engineering Management Plan and Systems Engineering Integration Plan
Creating a sustainable future for the world (Conference Program) Zayed University, Abu Dhabi UAE, 2012 - Presented a workshop titled: “Synthesis of Key Performance Indicators and Strategies for Effective Governmental Environmental Management and Sound Infrastructure
5th Summit of the Americas Business Forum Trinidad and Tobago 2009
21st Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting Government Forum Trinidad and Tobago 2009


Dr. Ardavanis is a philanthropist. Under his moto "Help the poor and the needy", he is aimed at fighting autism and poverty around the globe including Third World Countries. He has helped individuals and organizations including:

Autistic Society of Trinidad and Tobago
SOS Children's Villages Greece
Mother Theresa Orphanage in Agra India
Street people and children in Agra India

Alma mater


Awards & Distinctions

2013 Gold Quill Award of Excellence, IABC, May 2013
One Group, One Team: Guardian Group's Internal Rebranding
2013 Gold Quill Award of Excellence, IABC, May 2013
Guardian Group Communication Audit
2013 Bronze Quill, IABC, May 2013
Reinventing Group Brand through Communications Research and Assessment

2013 Gold AVA Digital Award, January 2013
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) USA

2013 Gold AVA Digital Award, January 2013
Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) USA
2012 Platinum MarCom Award, GHL Restructuring Plan
2012 Platinum MarCom Award, Rebranding Brief and RFP
2012 Gold MarCom Award, Guardian Group International
2012 Gold MarCom Award, Integrated Marketing Communications SOPs Hand Book
2012 Gold MarCom Award, Connecting Engineers in the desert

2012 Silver Quill Award of Excellence, IABC (International Association of Business Communicators), Category: Communication Management / Crisis Communication
2012 Bronze Quill Award of Excellence, IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) / Chicago, Category: Communication Management: Digital Communications
2011 Platinum MarCom Award, Communications
Member since 2010

Publications and E-Books

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Strategic Integrated Environmental Model for the Preliminary Design of Rapid Rail Transit Systems
by Dr. George Ardavanis
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Critical evaluation 1981-2008 - Structural irregularities, banking unorthodox policies, and inefficient economic models
by Dr. George Ardavanis
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