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TheMarathondesSables (MdS) isoneof themost gruelingsportingevents in theworld - asix-day,

255km (155-mile) ultra-marathonacross theSaharadesert insouthernMorocco in temperaturesof

up to50degreesCelsius.

Thegreatest attraction I canseeof theMdS is that it squeezesa lifetimeof adventure into just one

week. It compressessomuch intoashort spaceof time.

There is thedreaming, theplanning, thehard training, andpreparing, there isa tasteof new cultures

and foreign landscapes, and there ishardshipanddoubt anddifficulty. There is triumphand relief and

camaraderie. There is thesweet feelingof cominghomemoregrateful andappreciative than theper-

sonwho left for the race tendaysago.