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Iwould like continuously toachievemygoals. I don’t stopfightingand Iwill

never stop. I considermyself asan individual that isnever satisfiedwith

himself. In life youalwaysdesiremoreand this isapplied toall thoseathletes

andsportsmenwhich involve in this typeof adventures.

I traineveryday to thehighest level and intensity. I tryalways tobe ready for

mygoalsand it isvery important to feel sure for yourself and forwhat youdo.

I alwayssee thenext goal inorder toget better andbecomestronger.

I always try togive100%ofmyself during theevents that I participate.

I havea lot toachieve yet. In thepast few thingspreventedme toachievemy

goalsbut nowwithGod’shelp I feel great. Godgaveme theopportunity to

comebackduringadifficult periodofmy life. I returnedstrongbecause I

trustedmyself and I thought positively.

It isvery important this.