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People have many talents that can be turned into engines of

success.Yet, thebestperformance requiresmore thanmere talent. It

involves the development of a number of important personal

strengths, includingdetermination,vision,andconfidence.

One of the first things that a serious climber should do is to

assess himself, and evaluate the extent to which his physical and

psychological powers are enough for the achievement of his goal. A

climber, inorder to reachhis full potential,needs todevelopanumber

of keyattributes, suchas ambition, vision, confidence, ability to take

risks, drive and energy, competitive spirit, self-criticism, and


Forexample, lackof confidence isageneral barrier foraclimber

to advance on high-altitude levels or reach the top of a peak. If a

climber has feelings of low self-esteem, or lacks the courage of his

convictions,hewillhave toworkhard tomaximizehisself-confidence.

Therefore, it is required for a mountaineer to begin his self-

development by looking objectively at his abilities, and where they

mostneed tobe improved.

I believe, once youhave assessed yourself andhave a realistic

understandingofyourabilities,youneed to formavisionof significant

but attainable climbingaims. Thegreatmenandwomenof historyall

hada senseof visionandmission. Theyknewwhere theyweregoing,

what theywanted to achieve, and had the power of direction to help

take them to theirdestination. Ibelieve thateachsensibleclimbercan

mobilize the same power. Ask yourself where you want to be at the

endof the climbingexpedition that liesahead.Compare that visionof

achievement withwhere you are now. That shows the gap thatmust

becrossed torealize thevision.

Crossing Limits

Crossing Limits

Aldas Baltutis: Leading an ascent in AmaDablam

AmaDablam's steep slopes and curving ridges draw one’s eyes up toward the spectacular summit