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Crossing Limits

imperfect. Remember that refusal to tolerate imperfection is a

powerful force for success. You want to be the best at what you do.

Thatmeans lookingat theperformanceof others to seenot justwhat

they do well, but how your performance could be dramatically

improved. “Being the best”means setting new standards very likely

byadoptingnew tactics.Thisdrive for reformcanbeverydemanding,





I love to be competitive and an accomplished achiever. Daring

toascent thehighly technicalHimalayansummitsabove6,000meters

is about daring to dream and acting on it. It is about having or if you

would likebuildingconfidence toyourselfandcultivating theskills that


No matter at what point in your life you are, the deadly

Himalayan summits are the tallestmountains onearth, anddaring to

climb them has an everlasting and profound impact on most

Himalayan climbers' life. An expedition to Himalayan Mountains

producesmanyeffects. Theyaregraceful, gentlepeaks, even though

theyoccasionally keep someof us forever. In return, Himalayaoffers

the lucky rest of us a tremendous insight inourselves and thehuman

kind,asweareclimbing inbrutallyexposingconditions.

AmaDablam: Steep buttresses and snow and ice climbing at high altitudes

Himalayan twilight creating the illusion of clouds on fire

Crossing Limits