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The Himalayan environment also reveals the true story of

nature, in all its beauty, temper and might. To me the Himalayan

massif shows the pace of great dreams and fears overcome.

Sometimes triumph, following the most desperate of outlooks. This

lesson isperhapsHimalaya'smostpowerful gift tomewhether I try to

conquer a summit, orwander on foot on themassive rocks, or simply

at home, gaining inside knowledge through the testimony of others.

The majority of men and women who dared to face and climb the

Himalayan summits have proved themselves outstanding in all or

most of the following virtues: Courage; Determination; Persistence;

Self-Reliance; Ingenuity; Pioneering; Idealism; Comradeship;

Compassion;Respect towardscompetition;Honesty.

Mountaineering isnotsimplyasport, rather it is thediscoveryof

a different perspective on ourselves, our everyday lives and the

societieswe live in.Aswell asenrichingoursenseofourselveswealso

discover in themountains, away from the roads and thebustleof the

tourist industry,something tomarvelat.

Thegrandeur of themountains, the towering cliffs, the ice falls

and the brilliant white expanses of untouched snow are elements of

thesublime.Getting to the tophas less todowithconquering thepeak

thanwithattainingamore intenseexperienceof themountainandof

ourselves as individuals capable of moving on it. Since

mountaineering is rarely done alone it also provides an excellent

opportunity to experience true comradeship - the comradeship that

comes with going through an adventure together. In reality,

mountaineering requires awide range of skills, such as orienteering,

the ability to climb on snow, ice and rock, moving comfortably and

quickly, and a thorough knowledge of the equipment needed for


Friendsofmineexpressed their fearsofhow I, apersonwithout

previousmountaineering experience, can deal with the tough reality

of the Himalayan massif, the Himalayan unfavorable weather

Crossing Limits



AmaDablam: A Peak Freaks sized tent for three at Camp 1

Emotions are vary from sheer happiness to deep lonelinesswhile ascending theHimalayas

Crossing Limits