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conditions, the high fatalities rates, and the harsh stamina that such

expeditions require.Myanswer to them is: “Never let your fearshold

youback fromyourdreams.”

But I believe that the key behind this climbing exposure is a

testimonial for rendering the impossible possible, my need for

achievement and my agony about life, ethics and ideals. It is also

aboutmynobleefforts to inspire, encourageand till, and then let the

harvest for the young people. It is a great goal to inspire the young

generation with principles such as commitment, exposure, tenacity,

andself-discipline. Thoseareprecisely theprinciples that broughtme

to the Himalayas andwhich also inspiremy ultimate next project to

ascend all seven highest summits in the seven continents

respectively. Life goes by and one day we are going to leave this

planet. For this reason let's bemoredecisive, and let's try to achieve


Thus, in a nutshell what droveme to this climbing challenge is

my tenacity for achievement. It is my belief that these giant

mountains offer me a wonderful physical and above all a mental

challenge tomy livingagonies. Tome this ismainlyamental game to

overcome fear, pain and death. I do believe that these giant

mountains are climbedwith themindaboveall. I love that challenge,

and most importantly, I believe that climbing these dazzling high

altitudemountainsputmywholeexistenceback into focus.

Amountaineering expedition gives you the opportunity to not

only find of what you aremade out, but also discover what is really

important in life.Whenyouget on themountainyoumust goback to

the basics that our ancestors experienced in harsh conditions on a

dailybasis.Whatyouhaveon,howyou look, orevenhow richyouare

has absolutely no importance. My little or big problems in my life

become insignificantbecausemysoul iscleanedout,myvaluesystem

is back on line, and I knowwhat is important in life. I would like to

inspire theyoungpeople, includingmychildren,withmyhighaltitude

Crossing Limits



Majestic views of Himalayas above Camp 2 of AmaDablam

Sound level of fitness is required for climbing AmaDablam

Crossing Limits