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Crossing Limits

climbing. As amatter of fact, I believe thatmy climbingwill help the

young generation and my children to see that discipline and

dedicationare themainrequirements toachieveanygoals.

Of course, I don't expectmy children to follow inmy footsteps.

My children need to find their own life goals and challenges. But I do

believe that thanks tomyalpine climbingefforts theywill learn to set

objectives for themselves. Theymust learn that onemust fight very

hard to achieve his objectives. It is a fact of life that onemust work

hard, and concentrate intensely in every goal he or she focuses on.

The parents and older people must motivate the young generation

through teachingandaction, showing that theycanachieveanygoals

that theycandream.

I personally worked hard all my life and I still do, in order to

achievemymaximumpotential, and topursuemydreamsandgoals.

But forme the AmaDablam expedition showed something else, too.

That is, “Greatness ismore than ability and trophies. It is also about

characterand integrity.”


JohannWolfgang vonGoethe said once, “Whatever you do, or

dream you canbegin it. Boldness has genius, power andmagic in it.”

Over the years I foundout that thebestwayof learning is by living it

andseeing itaroundyou.Thus, Istronglybelieve that thecompetitive

sports and the outdoor adventures havemademe a stronger and a


Searching intomy inner self I can say that my climbing needs

seem to be less focused in being a “superstar than a hero.” "Heroes

walk alone; stars derive their status from approbation. Heroes are

defined by the valuemechanisms established in our society, stars

by consensus.




(28August1749 22March1832)wasaGermanpolymath.Goethe'sworks

span thefieldsofpoetry,drama, literature, theology, umanism,science,andpainting.



Team ascending of the granite ridge of AmaDablam

ScenicHimalayan peaks standing proud above the clouds

Crossing Limits