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I have dedicated theAmaDablam and the ascent of theSeven


Summits to my children Alexandra, Tara and Alexandros; Dr.

Theomary Karamanis;mymother, andGod. The Lord always stands

behind us. The reason for the trials and sufferings we are going

through is for no other reason than tomanifest our virtue, our faith,

and our patience right to the end. The outcome of these trials and



TheSevenSummitsproject refers to the ideaofclimbing theSevenContinentalSummitswhichwas first

publishedbyAmericanDickBass.Hisbook,SevenSummits,describedhisascentsof thecontinentalpeaks,although

he climbedKosciuszko, theAustralian summit, instead of themuch higher andmore difficult Carstensz Pyramid.

CanadianParMorrow,was thefirst tocomplete theSevenSummitswithCarstensz in1986.



Crossing Limits

A burning sword over the AmaDablamBase Camp during a late afternoon

Crossing Limits

A growing cloud from a snow avalanche (blocks and powder)

A lake of clouds confined by the incomparableHimalayanwalls