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Crossing Limits


An essential luxury of youth is the sense of immortality; from

the time the responsibilities of adulthood loom large, the illusion of

immortality begins to fade. This is not the case for the real alpine

climbers who, in their effort to ascend as high as they can, they are

actually pushing back the limits of mortality. By looking at death

straight in the eye and then coming back to normal life, they force

mortality torecede.

I strongly feel that this category of men and women climbers

remain in a kind of eternal youth. Themain characteristics of these

adolescents are charming, unconventional, and full of interesting

ideas and continuously on the pursuit of their dreams. For the high

altitude climbers these characteristics may have a major impact in

their age process. Actually, they never feel old to cheer like children

when they conquer a summit. Every climber at some point feels

untouched with reality and a sense of intimacy with the infinite.

Further, every alpine climber looks to achieve the ultimate, and

alwayshas tohaveanewplan. Theyare strongwith the commitment

of accomplishment and enthusiastic about the task at hand, towork

twenty-four hours at a stretch or even longer, until they break down.

To climbers, and anyone who has lived with one of these

characteristics thismayhavea familiarring.

The experience of great intensity, danger and high riskmakes

each climber live the narrow moments of perfection, or an

embodiment with the universe. At this moment I, as a beginner

climber, focused on the main achievement which results in finely


“You are never too old to have a happy childhood” told me a

climber in Kathmandu. That's why somemen are often attracted to

dangerous sports, especially mountaineering, because such sports



Amazing views previously hidden to the East fromBase Camp, now are put to show from Advanced Base Camp

Crispmorning view of AmaDablam fromBase Camp

Crossing Limits